Timber Frames!

Yale Barn

26 photos Right before my daughter was born in 2015 we were lucky enough to land a barn build for the Yale Agricultural Department on their West Campus. The 18x24 structure serves as an outdoor classroom and a facility for their urban farm. Can't believe we were chosen for such an amazing project! Inspiration at every turn during this once in a lifetime build :)

Timber Frame Horse Cover Barn

15 photos This simple timber frame in Lyme provides cover for the horses when the inclement weather rolls in. We had an absolute blast and perfect weather for this one. All of the timbers were milled locally...the siding was purchased at a local lumber yard and we fit nearly all of it on top of my Volvo 240!

Wee House Tree House

23 photos After a few too many glasses of wine on New Year's Eve, I promised my soon to be wife that I would build her a tree house on our property. We woke up the next morning and got to work. We had all the lumber milled locally...all the doors and windows came from salvage yards, and after six weeks of construction we had a house! It isn't our full time residence as we have another house on the property but it is the ultimate getaway that fuels our creativity. "Today is life, tomorrow never comes."

Tiny house

23 photos We built this wee cabin for one of our clients who wanted a place to get away. We had all the wood milled locally and the simplicity of the structure allowed us to build it in just under six days. All of the windows and doors were salvaged from previous job sites...we hate throwing stuff away! The floor joists for the loft were all salvaged from an old barn on the property, it was great to find something so old and give it new life!